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    This blog is to support you in the realization that we get to "design our lives."

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"Coaching Conversations with Patricia Hirsch"

  1. Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA in the news

    1. Life Coaching Demystified
      by Linda Melone, OC Metro, 17 August

    2. Orange Coast Magazine, August 2006, page 55

  2. On Coaching
    1. Companies are hiring coaches to teach executives
      by Diane E. Lewis, The Boston Globe, 11/26/2000
    2. Coaching: The Key to Performance Improvement
      by Katie Davis and Patrick Malone
    3. What a Corporation Looks for in Executive Coaches
    4. Top 10 Ways to a Greater ROI on Professional Coaching
    5. Life coaches help executives meet their goals
      by D. Ann Slayton Shiffler

  3. On Networking
    1. There's More to Networking Than Achieving Personal Gain
      by Barbara Moses in from the Wall Street Journal

  4. On Spiral Dynamics
    1. On Graves Theory via
    2. On Levels of Existence
      by Dr. Clare W. Graves

  5. On Accredited Courses
    1. Coaching Certification
      via Newfield Network
    2. Spiral Dynamics Certification Courses
      offered by Dr. Don Edward Beck, co-author of the book Spiral Dynamics
    3. Professional Coaching and Mentoring
      offered at University of California Long Beach with Vance Caesar PhD, and Carol Ann Caesar PhD and guests

  6. On Accreditation for Coaches
    1. International Coaches Federation at

  7. On Different Topics of Interest

    1. The Master Trend
      by Cheryl Russell, American Demographics