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Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA, RN, Executive Coach                    


Patricia is in the business of assisting clients begin to learn to observe their own observations such that they live a life of power causing results with open and honest communication.

Coaching and Management

Patricia has 26 years of Leadership, Management and Coaching experience in the Information Technology, Sailing and Healthcare industries. She is an Executive Coach specializing in the Healthcare and IT industries, trained and certified as a Coach in the USA, now working as a professional in leadership management and team building. Patricia is an expert in listening to people and exploring with them new ways to be such that they live their lives being who they always wished they could be.

She says that leadership, management and communication within an organization are based on networks of conversations and in that realization is the basic requirements for an organization's future success. She possesses excellent interpersonal and communications skills and with their permission, coaches to clients’ unawareness on how cultural, familial, gender, age, educational and historical, among other discourses, naturally lead us to think there is only ‘one right way’ in living life. In coming from an air of uncompromising certainty, and that “this is the way it is” she says assists people in how they are blind to their own blindness of conversations they were born into, without a choice, and in recognizing are able to choose their actions freely.

Personal Background

Patricia's 26 years of experience are in Management in Information Technology in San Diego and Orange County, California; as a U.S.C.G. Private Captain, Personal Coach and Owner of a Sailing Adventures business, taking people offshore cruising on 40-50' sailboats in the Caribbean and the USA, and 12-years in Management of Open-Heart, Burn, Medical and Cardiac Intensive Care patients in the Healthcare Industry in San Diego, Sacramento and Davis, California.

Patricia is the daughter of a pilot who served 30 years in the Air Force and traveled extensively with her parents, and then personally from Thailand on the east side of the globe to Hawaii on the west, from Alaska on the north end and Costa Rica on the south with extensive exploration of Europe and the USA. She has lived internationally including Spain, has had extensive stays in Greece, Mexico, Monaco and the Caribbean where she also co-owns a residence in the beautiful Cayman Islands, B.W.I. Her international wanderings give her a unique insight in working with people successfully have equipped her with a profound awareness of cultural diversity, the challenges we face in how we observe ourselves and how we don't, then how we communicate daily based on those observations.

She has run two marathons (26.2 miles), biked extensively, including the 200 miles plus around the California foothills and from Los Angeles to San Diego, SCUBA diving is a passion for which she has 190 ocean dives, and now boasts a lowly Orange Belt in Sha'olin Kempo through the United Studios of Self Defense ( Patricia knows challenges. Her next challenge is the gift from the man of her dreams, a Beneteau 423 sailboat which she Captains sails in the Southern California - Ensenada, Baja California, waters.

Professional Qualifications

  • President, International Coach Federation, Orange County, 2005-2006 (
  • Spiral Dynamics integral Level 1 and Level 2 Certification, Spiral Dynamics with Dr. Don Beck, 2004
  • Polaris 360 Certification, Organizations Systems International, 2003
  • Newfield Coaching & Organizational Learning, The Newfield Network, International, 2002 (
  • Professional Coach and Mentor, UC Long Beach, 2002
  • Masters in Business Administration, UOP, USA, 2000
  • United States Coast Guard, OUPV private Captain licensure, 1993
  • The Landmark Forum and IFLP, Landmark Education Corporation (first coaching courses), 1981-1987
  • Registered Nurse Licensure, California, 1980
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Reno, NV, 1980
  • High school in Madrid and Barcelona, España, 1969

Professional Memberships

Offers her services on various leadership committees for the following organizations:

  • International Coach Federation (
  • International Coach Federation, Orange County (
  • US Global Forum of Coaches, ICF
  • IT Forum of Coaches, ICF
  • Presently designing Special Interest Group in Healthcare to offer to ICF
  • American Nurses Association
  • Senior Women's Forum of Women Executives, Orange County

Previous Memberships

Best Practices

  • Patricia employs coaches for herself rather than "going it alone"
  • She coaches to the ethical standards of the International Coach Federation
  • She is a Master Mind Group Member made up of other coaches committed to staying current in their learning
  • Patricia regularly searches out and completes courses to update her qualifications and expertise in offering not only great coaching but great business acumen, too!

Patricia Hirsch's Semi-In Depth Biography

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