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Are You Seeking Greater Clarity & Fulfillment within yourself?
Your Journey Begins Here!


Are you challenged by everyday life & feel your lost in the battle? Are you struggling in these areas:
  • Stressed, the weight of daily life working & existing.
  • Health / Weight.
  • Loss of motivation in Mid-Life years.
  • Needing positive support to achieve your goals.
  • Lost on where to begin living a fulfilling life.

If any of these fit you, you’re not alone. Your fulfillment begins here, as there’s a lot you can do! Clients begin achieving quickly as they see the possibilities of new choice in their life. They see opportunity in finding answers to freedom they’ve always wanted. What choice would you like to change immediately? Coaching has no boundaries that can’t be opened up & viewed in a whole new way specific to your needs.

I invite you to begin seeing your challenges as opportunity of New Growth in You!


As your coach, I will provide you with:
  • A compassionate warm heart for listening.
  • A safe welcomed space for opening your thoughts & mind.
  • Opportunity for you to see your challenge in a different way.
  • Opportunity to see & feel what you truly desire.
  • Motivation & Inspiration in every session to keep you reaching your desired goal.

Coach Kathleen Paulbeck, CPCC, ACC
As your coach, I am a certified, well-trained professional who will meet your highest expectations. I will truly motivate & inspire you to find your life passion, so that you begin to live your dream. Why is this so important to me? I, like you, was challenged to the toughest levels in my life, only to rise above them higher than I ever thought I could. I see life as pure joy, not something you just exist in. Find the courage to be free to say: “I’m living my life to it’s fullest”. So, where do you begin? Answer this: What would truly excite me, for me to feel true happiness? What’s missing in my life?

I invite you to begin feeling the passion I have, knowing it’s all within you too!


Coaching is flexible to meet your needs. Clients pick the time that best suits their schedule. Clients chose the topic that best fits their needs, & their desired goal. Coaching offers different options for fitting the client’s budget as the client chooses how often they want to meet for sessions. Monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. Sessions can be done by phone, or in person, depending on the location of the client.

Coach’s Achievements:
Successful clients have achieved their goals by learning:
  • Practical skills to stay successful.
  • Noticing the signs to avoid failure.
  • How to ask for support when the need arises.
  • How to appreciate seeing options of choice in every new day.
  • How to dive into life without the fear of failure.
  • How to feel pure happiness & being proud of who they are!

I invite you to join me in writing a new chapter in your book called: “My Exciting Life Story” written by “You”

Professional Qualifications/Memberships
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, the Coaches Training Institute 2014
  • International Coach Federation, Associate Certified Coach, 2014

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