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International Executive and Personal Coach
Newfield Network Trained

Coaching and Management

Katherine Hurley-Sendzimir brings decades of business, personal and international experience and insight to her coaching practice. The breadth and depth of her experience allows her to quickly get to the root of personal and corporate related issues to help individuals and groups reflect, change and achieve their goals and full potential.

Having lived and worked in many countries, Katherine understands how US based international as well as foreign corporations function. Her background gives her an accurate perspective of the unique cultural and social challenges that arise in conducting international business.

Prior to starting her coaching practice, Katherine worked internationally as a designer and head buyer in the fashion industry. Additionally, she orchestrated joint ventures in the steel industry and technical fields.

During the 1980's, she was one of the first to spearhead joint ventures in China. Her integrity, intelligence and humor contributed to the success of each of these endeavors.

Personal Background

Born in Germany, Katherine has lived and worked in Austria, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain and the USA.

She speaks French, German and English fluently and has a strong working knowledge of several other languages.

Professional Qualifications

Katherine's training as a personal and executive coach was in Ontological Coaching at Newfield Network, with Julio Olalla and in Spiral Dynamics, with Dr. Don Beck.

She engages in continuing education in the fields of coaching, organizational matters as well as new thought and ideas. She has also studied fashion design, religions, philosophy and organizational structure/development.

She has experience also in brainstorming with management and foundation teams for future moves.

How to reach Katherine: