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Design Your Life Coaching Conversation Areas of Focus

In your free Design Your Life Coaching Conversation we will talk about the primary focus in your life that you choose. Our coaching can be focused on a specific topic; we are also available to support and address your whole life and well-being.

Below is a menu of multiple areas of your life from which you may wish to choose one that we will discuss in your free 30-minute Coaching Conversation.

Business Success

  • Discuss new business growth and sustainability
  • Develop smooth operating systems
  • Create contracts and find good legal assistance
  • Increase employee productivity and retain good employees
  • Create a Business Plan and Marketing Strategy
  • Plan for growth and expansion
  • Sustain a healthy cash flow

Career Fulfillment

  • Satisfaction in current position
  • Promotion and advancement
  • Career change
  • Improve relations with boss/co-workers

Connection with Yourself and Personal Well-Being

  • Spend more time with / for myself
  • Discover spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, acupuncture
  • Develop deep connection with myself
  • Become more expressive and creative
  • Explore healthy boundaries and patterns of behavior

Physical Health

  • Create effective & sustainable exercise plan
  • New dietary habits
  • Abolish habits that donít support my well-being for good
  • Reduce stress
  • Gain more energy
  • Engage in fun activities
  • Increase rest and relaxation time
  • Seek appropriate health for current health problem

Relationships and Communication

  • Improve current significant relationship
  • Develop more effective communication in the office
  • Become aware of different behavior styles & how to deal with them appropriately

Supportive Community

  • Find new friends who support my efforts
  • Reach out to supportive community in my local area
  • Join community groups and events that are new to me
  • Volunteer my time and donate my resources to community project