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Group Coaching Types

    Affiliate Group Coaching

    Affiliate Groups are those who work in the same company and wish to gain new perspectives on how they are addressing their work challenges together.

    An Affiliate Coaching Group is co-created with a company or organization so that the company initiatives are met while allowing the participants to grow with a support group and a Coach assisting in moving the group towards their goals.

    Affinity Group Coaching

    Affinity Groups are like-minded and unrelated individuals who are in similar situations which may be work-related or situation-related or goal-related.

    The group members are not affiliated by work but rather a specific purpose or objective for the group. For instance, a "Life Mastery Group for Women" or where the group co-creates the purpose and the Coach assists moving each of the members forward in their visions and goals in the setting of a group who offers additional support.

    Examples of Coaching Groups may include:

        Leadership Coaching Groups

    • Executives and Business Leaders
    • Directors and Managers
    • Mastering Leadership

        Individual Mastery Coaching Groups

    • Living Life Boldly!
    • Life Mastery
    • Listening Powerfully
    • Midlife (Male or Female Groups), Ages mid-40's to late 50's

        Health Leaders Coaching Groups

    • Health Administration and Executives
    • Department Directors and Managers