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The Nurse Advocate Coaching Program

"Keep Nurses Nursing" For the future and for the good of healthcare

Our current mission is to help you to Keep Your Nurses Nursing!

Since leaving Open-Heart Intensive Care nursing in 1992, and having earned her MBA, the owner and founder of Design Your Life Coaching, Patricia Hirsch, became credentialed as a Master Certified Coach (MCC) through the International Coach Federation.

Design Your Life Coaching was founded in 2001 and has since served both the corporate world by coaching executives and their management teams and the private sector via individual coaching conversations. Due to the founder's 15-year background in the healthcare industry, specializing as an Open-Heart ICU nurse, Design Your Life Coaching spent 2005 researching the nursing shortage and has since created the Nurse Advocate Coaching Program (NAP) a coaching program to help healthcare Leaders "Keep Nurses Nursing."

The NAP was designed not only from Hirsch's background as a nurse but from current extensive research into the nursing shortage crisis faced by most healthcare organizations. Theories abound in what it will take for healthcare facilities to Keep Nurses Nursing however nothing has worked consistently and the USA is losing nurses willing to work at an alarming rate!

We found that this is only partially due to the "baby boomers" beginning to retire and that the "Gen X" and "Gen Y" generations are finishing nursing schools, being hired into nursing positions only to turn and leave the profession and find another. They have seen their parents and grandparents (baby boomers) lose jobs and find others and know that even with their years of schooling they are not forced to work in jobs that don't fit their goals.

Nurses face unique experiences, and the solution to the nursing shortage will not be solved in any trivial manner. The NAP is a fresh solution to the current nursing crisis. It provides nurses the "listening" they lack to refresh and revitalize themselves in the face of the impossible. Our coaches at Design Your Life Coaching surmise that nurses are not looking for rewards or money or movie tickets to acknowledge their work.

"What do I need to do to 'Keep my Nurses Nursing'?" is a daunting and sometimes frightening question you face every day. I'm sure you ask yourself this question often with healthcare facilities competing for an ever shrinking pool of nurse willing to work.

The Nurse Advocate Coaching Program addresses the needs of nurses. It is designed to provide healthcare leaders to offer support and to inspire nurses to learn to resolve their own issues in a manner that works for them and remain in the profession of nursing.

Again, Design Your Life Coaching surmises that contrary to healthcare administrators' beliefs that the company's reputation and vision and to only make more money are key, we find that nurses are looking for teamwork, managerial attitudes, and the recognition that their work is acknowledged appreciated instead. The NAP addresses these concerns and also introduces a new way to be for nurses in addressing their concerns with an emphasis on a learning such that their desires are fulfilled from within themselves and are not the responsibility of managers or healthcare administrators.

DYLC Certified Coaches mentor nurses to observe their assessments and learn the skill of communicating their needs responsibly training them in the art of leadership. Teamwork will naturally show up in nurses working together for their own common visions and goals.

Nurses did not spend considerable time and money to be trained to soon become disillusioned and leave the profession. The NAP design takes into account that nurses:

  1. enter the profession because of their commitment to healing.
  2. are unaware of the distinctions of business and how to decipher what Healthcare Administrators are requesting from them.
  3. are confused, upset and frustrated and without an intentional structure of support are choosing instead to leave the profession.
  4. are able to learn a new "common language" along with acquiring tools that will assist them in contributing to the bottom line.
  5. have the perceived lack of a "structure of support" in their day-to-day experiences of caring for the ill that combined with the increasing fear of hospital demands on their time is a lethal combination.

The NAP is designed to be a source of support for nurses to begin to communicate with clear, concise and focused commitments such that perceived difficult missions become effortless in moving towards your facility's vision, goals and objectives. The inquiry of what works and what will work for employees will have nurses clearly committed to being responsible to and making a difference in your facility. Through learning powerful speech acts nurses will take responsibility for themselves such that their professional and personal concerns are addressed and powerful solutions are developed.

We have an intense passion to see this type of resource available to nurses.

Please contact us for 15-minutes of your time. We will show you how the Nurse Advocate Coaching Program more than makes up for the cost of the program in return on investment.

Following is a rough estimate of a Return on Investment of the NAP

  1. 300 nurses per healthcare facility
  2. An attrition rate of 20% per year
  3. Replacement cost of each nurse at $42,000 (in 2000)
  4. Annual cost of NAP at $1000/nurse


Note: In the U.S., all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307) Please contact your tax consultant for further information.