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Semi In-Depth Biography of Patricia Hirsch, MCC, MBA, RN

Patricia is in the business of assisting clients begin to learn to observe their own observations such that they live a life of power causing results with open and honest communication.

    Patricia Hirsch, founder of Design Your Life Coaching, created the practice where coaches support clients in designing and living the lives they know are possible for themselves. How did this come about?

    In the 1980's when Patricia was an ICU registered nurse, specializing in Open-Heart, for 12 years, she began to realize the power of listening and reflecting back words spoken such that it made a difference for people in what they were facing in their lives. Some were facing death, a new way to live in their lives, families were facing life without them, the conversations were not easy and were begging to be spoken.

    the late 80's, she began ongoing training specifically in how to coach and how to be coachable.

    In the early 90's, she obtained her U.S.C.G. private Captain's license to begin an off-shore coaching and cruising business, WindLasses Sailing Adventures Empowering Women, on 40-50 foot sailboats. She owned and operated the business for 5 years. Patricia supported participants in what it took for them to "break through" what stopped them from going after what they saw possible for themselves.

    Patricia moved into management in the corporate world in the late 90's where she worked as an employee for 10 years and concurrently earned her MBA. She noticed that in organizations it is common to operate from resignation, resentment and distrust leading to a no-win situation for both leaders and their personnel.

    What Patricia is now committed to is supporting our organizational leaders to cause powerful results from open and honest communication based on facts, rather than the stories surrounding the facts, and in what they see as possible in their organization.

    Patricia is an organizational coach and trusted advisor creating the possibility of aliveness, passionate action and excellence in organizations. Her style of coaching is "ontologically" based.

    "Ontology is the study of the "being" in human being. Ontology is a future-based conversation of what's possible ( compared to psychology, a past-based exploration of what happened.) With the ontological coach as a catalyst, the coachee is able to stop and observe how he or she is operating in life.

    In ontological conversations, the coachee is able to "shift" or alter the way the way he or she is creating life providing a tremendous possibility for uncovering... then altering persistent patterns of behavior that limit well being and results.

    By becoming a "new observer" of his or her life, the coachee is able to modify old interpretations of the “way life is” that traps the behaviors that don’t produce the outcomes desired. All that's left is a blank canvas on which he or she can then create the life dreamed of."

    With her own coaching, Patricia has become a new observer in her life and even though she admits to being an ordinary woman, admits to living an extraordinary life.