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    Life is ALL about relationships.

    There are the relationships with family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, let's face it...with other drivers on the highways...customer service personnel in stores or on the other end of the line...your spouse or spousal equivalent... relationships abound!

    Most importantly though, your life is about your relationship with you.

    Who are you being for yourself?

    Who can you count on "being" for yourself? Will you or do you get yourself up in the morning full of life, ready to go out and live another day with zest and aliveness? If not, what's getting in the way of you doing so? Have you consciously thought to Design Your Life so it is the exact life YOU want to be living?

    What's stopping you from going after that distant goal you've almost given up on..."distant" only because that "once upon a dream" doesn't come to mind as quickly as it used to...too many unplanned issues have gotten in the way? Are they REALLY where you want to be focused in your life?

    Come explore YOU. Put yourself back on track for what you saw possible for yourself back when you were a dreamer...with no qualms.

    Dream! And then Design Your Life such that you fulfill your dreams. It is possible! We will be the catalyst* to urge you on and support you to face, responsibly, those unimportant issues that you have allowed to get in the way of fulfilling a life that you love.

    * Catalyst: "A substance that alters and esp. increases the rate at which a *-* reaction takes place. One that precipitates a process or event." Webster's

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Capabilities of the Founder

    Patricia has been coaching since 1988, after she completed her first course in learning to listen to the commitment underneath the words a client is speaking out loud. She is able to reflect back what has been said in such a way that you create new ways "to be" in life.

    Since 1988, she has enrolled in and completed numerous coaching courses and always employed coaches for herself especially when she has had the desire to accomplish a new goal with alacrity** in her life.

    Patricia has learned what it takes to support and be empathetic with who people are being to themselves and to others. She is focused and intentional in her coaching. She listens with the objective for her coachees to take "forward-action" out of what they see possible for themselves.

    • Listens with Firm Compassion
    • Able to Respond from Integrity
    • Forthright and Responsible in Her Coaching

    ** Alacrity: "cheerful eagerness; speed: quickness" Webster's

"Boomers find the budding profession can help focus them on business and personal growth." Los Angeles Times

Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still." Chinese Proverb


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