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    Are you...

    • alone in your decisions and actions? Are they the best that you are capable of making?
    • frustrated in your inability to have non-judgmental conversations with your staff ...your boss? ...your peers? ...your family?
    • angry that it seems as if you have no one to talk things over with?
    • tired of knowing that you are unable to get anyone to just listen and relate to you without it having an effect somewhere else?
    • lonely in your inability to communicate what is going on with you such that others can get what you mean without upset?

    Would you like...

    • someone with which to discuss scenarios? Perhaps about how to communicate with fellow executives or employees or your boss in open unprejudiced conversations?
    • someone who doesn't get upset or offended with what you say?
    • someone who offers you impartial yet focused feedback?
    • someone who mirrors you and shares what works and what doesn't work?
    • someone who is YOUR champion and wants YOU to SUCCEED?!
    • someone who has "skin" in your success?

    Design Your Life Coaching is in the business of straight forward and non-judgmental support in you having your visions come true.

    Design Your Life Coaching is your catalyst in designing your business life such that you are clear, confident in taking action on your goals.

    Team Coaching Conversations are available

    Design Your Life Coaching will come to your place of business.

    At times, due to the pressures and the fast pace at which business occurs, a company may not have the time nor the expertise to "check in" with personnel to ensure that people are excelling in their commitments and working towards the company's vision.

    Design Your Life Coachingmoves people through where they are stuck in relating to each other so they become an even more valuable asset... and are more satisfied day-to-day.

    "Shadow Coaching" is available

    Design Your Life Coaching coaches will attend important meetings with you, sit inconspicuously in the room and "shadow coach." In-the-moment coaching will be available on breaks or after sessions to examine what works and what doesn't work in your communication. This allows for you, as a leader, to determine who you project yourself to be in communicating your intentions.

    Your body disposition speaks volumes... do you know what messages you are saying with your body? The inflections in your voice; how you deliver important information; how your delivery is received... do the recipients can get the full impact of your objectives? How do you recognize and self-adjust your delivery?

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Capabilities of the Founder

  • Patricia Hirsch has worked in management in Corporate Medical Information Technology, the Marine and the Healthcare industries, and has twice been a business owner.

  • She has worked one-on-one with executives in different industries and is familiar with the challenges you face.

  • Patricia knows the moods executives experience are well-grounded in "it's lonely at the top."
    • Who do you get to turn to?
    • You are where the "buck stops."
    • Who do you get to use as sounding boards for your issues?
    • Your bosses expect you to excel - without question.
    • Your employees expect you to lead - without faltering.

    Design Your Life Coaches are experienced confidantes and trusted advisors giving leaders the ability to design beyond the immediate of the day-to-day challenges.

Patricia Hirsch, Founder

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"The important thing is this: to be willing at any time to sacrifice what we are for what we could become." Charles DuBois

Design Your Life Coaching looks forward to serving you!

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