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One-on-One Coaching Conversations

  • Who can you count on "being" for yourself?
  • What stops you from going after those dreams that used to keep you awake at night because they were SO exciting?
  • Come explore yourself...Then take action to DESIGN YOUR LIFE such that you are living the life YOU love NOW!

Individual Mastery Information

Group Coaching Conversations

  • Affiliate Groups are those who work in the same company and wish to gain new perspectives on how they are addressing their work challenges together.
  • 5-12 participants via in-person workshops offered every 3 months, with concurrent bi-weekly telephone group coaching calls, or

  • Affinity Groups are like-minded and unrelated individuals who are in similar situations which may be work-related or situation-related or goal-related.
  • 5-6 participants via bi-weekly telephone group coaching calls, standalone

Coaching Groups Information

Leadership Coaching Conversations

  • Are you alone in your decisions and actions? Are they the best that you are capable of making?
  • Business relationships often seem to be a mystery. What works consistently? What doesn't work? With business as fast moving and focused as it is, you may tend to look how best to get "out of people" what you need to be successful in business... Is this generalized and impersonal view of relationships in business advantageous?
  • Would you like a partner for your success?
  • In-house Group Coaching and Shadow Coaching available.

Leadership Mastery Information

"Insights into our Automatic Ways-of-Being"
or "Learning to Observe the Observer We Are"

  • What has us repeat the same actions that we take even though our results remain the same, say the same things to ourselves and others, and react the same way even though it seems we are just operating out of an automatic way of being?
  • Are you trained, schooled, educated, certified, credentialed and still you say those things and do those things that you regret? Do you make goals, promises, intentions, and swear on your life you will complete what you say you will and have to go into hiding because you don't follow through
  • Take an ontological look at where we operate as human beings. Yes, you take actions to get results, however thatís not always what it takes to alter or shift our ways-of-being such that we can count on ourselves. Such that we be our word to ourselves and others. Such that we know that from our actions we will love the life we live.
  • Patricia introduces you to an alternate way of taking a look at how linguistics, or the way we operate from our "languaging", our emotions, our moods and even our body dispositions come into play when taking the actions we take to get the results that we get.

Note: In the U.S., all expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills are tax deductible. (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5, Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203F 2d 307) Please contact your tax consultant for further information.