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Prerna Sujan

I feel incredibly blessed to have you as my mentor coach. We are such different personalities which I truly appreciate and am drinking from the fountain of your knowledge and vast experience. A big God bless. I wish you a healthy and love filled new year overflowing with abundance.

Love and light, Prerna Sujan

Michele Greer, Biotechnology Sales

Patricia is an amazing life coach. I will always think of her as my angel from heaven. The entire experience with Patricia has been life changing for me. I truly feel that I am a better person for knowing her. “I learned” so many valuable tools that will impact my life and relationships forever. Her approach is exactly what I needed to change my life. Her coaching skills involved allowing me to gain valuable information about the past and moving on to the future. It was simply amazing how she coached me to be able to recognize living from past experiences in my life. In addition, I have better relationships with family and friends because of my coaching with her. Patricia was my coach for over a year and I am still noticing the difference she made in my life. I would recommend Patricia as a coach to anyone looking to grow and have a better quality of life. She truly is amazing!!!

Michele Greer

Jeannie Hughes


I woke up this morning, my head reeling from all the things we talked about yesterday. I feel so much better this morning. I heard you yesterday when you pointed out that I choose to be in conflict a lot (with myself). I owned that and took a huge sigh of relief. Nothing is in conflict with me, I choose to be in conflict with myself. My sigh of relief was a result of the realization that it's me getting in my own way. I don't feel scared anymore, I feel renewed.

I am so happy to be taking this journey. I have experienced every possible emotion since I have begun our life coaching process and each time we speak I am amazed or touched by something. I am so committed to this and so thankful to have you as my coach, my mirror and my mentor.

It has been really hard for me to share certain things with people about myself, but you are so authentic, loving, humble, open, exposed, caring and REAL that it's impossible for me not to get as vulnerable and authentic as you when we talk. With Thanksgiving approaching, I wanted you to know that you are one very dear person that I am incredibly THANKFUL for.

Jeannie Hughes

Rosemary Urbon, CEO, People and Culture Development Pte Ltd

I found Patricia to be very warm, although tough. If one wants to be a great ontological coach, then Patricia will get you there fast provided you are ready for the challenge...

You are very real and I can tell that you have taken the harder path and yet are still prepared to share all you have learned on your journey with me – this is something that I truly appreciate and is very "refreshing" in today’s "hold important stuff to one’s chest."

For me personally you were perfect – the universe sent me the type of Mentor that would help me to become a great coach.

Rosemary Urbon

Rosihan Juara Baharuddin, TAPOC graduate

10 hours ago, I graduated from TAPOC. As I receive my Diploma, I can't help but to wish how I could have you in person there to thank for all that you have done for me. I know very well that my journey leading to that moment in time will not be possible without your kind contribution.

I can't ever repay that. Therefore, I pray that you will showered with all the kindness, joy and happiness a person could ever wish for.

My eternal gratitude for being my beacon in the night.

With much love and appreciation.

Rosihan Juara Baharuddin

Kayla Yap Pei Sei, Leading stewardess and life coach

I find that working with Patricia is a co-creation. She is interested in my development of my skills, she is honest with her feedback. Patricia allows me to be who I am, bringing ‘Me’ into the coaching and sharpening my coaching skills at the same time. Patricia’s feedback is generative in result and performance, I have improved during a short period of time. Patricia also care about my coachees; she shared whatever details that I could not see during the sessions with my coachees. She sees the greatness in all humans, not only the ones that she works with. I learned to love beyond boundaries and humanity from Patricia.

Kayla Yap Pei Sei

Alejandra Solano, National Director of Strategic Talent, Deloitte Mexico

My work with Patricia was truly transformational. I am used to be a top performer, and in my first conversations with Patricia as my Mentor Coach, I was having a hard time not succeeding and receiving “hard” feedback on my progress; I resisted it deeply. But the first conversation where I declared my discomfort, Patricia taught me what I consider her greatest gift for me: that I had the choice to declare myself a beginner, in order to serve my CARES (which were not being perfect but being of service to others). I appreciate so much her assertiveness, her clarity in connecting and appealing to my higher self, the Observer I declared I wanted to be. Patricia was coaching both my Observer and my technique, and taught me to celebrate my unique style and gifts.

Alejandra Solano

Matt Wright, Sr. Consultant, SENSA Solutions

Working with Patricia was a wonderful mix of learning, support, and challenge to both encourage and inspire my own coaching. She provided direct and honest feedback but in a manner that was both constructive and light hearted. The impact for me was to gain very specific feedback around the nature of coaching and to clarify the powerful conversation is not one around “fixing” a client but to invite them into learning how they can live the fullest life possible.

Matt Wright

Jazz Tay, HR Manager

I had a journey of discoveries in a safe, insightful and mind evoking manner in working with Patricia as my coach. The value I received was the ability to observe the way I observe life, to notice how automatic my life can be and how I have regarded it as a fact of life. It has allowed me to experience more acceptance and joy in my life. I found Patricia to be sharp to listen to my conversation which had great impact on how I perceived the world. She demonstrated “lightness” in a nonsensical manner that allows learning to happen.

Jazz Tay

Heather Pitcher

Patricia Hirsch was assigned to me as a coaching preceptor for the Newfield course, TAPOC, last year. As I believe their are no accidents in this life she and I were paired perfectly. Patricia guided me through my coaching credentials in a manner that was both professional and down to earth. My respect for her was immediately established based on her educational background but more importantly by her many years of personal practise and successes in the coaching field. Once we engaged in the guide/learner relationship she offered so much more to me. Her "matter of fact", yet caring, approach was soooo refreshing and new that it provoked me to strongly look at myself from a no-nonsense perspective. I deeply believe that when CARE is intertwined with a genuine desire to HELP someone move to an authentic level of living then it is a recipe for success. Patricia was such a person to me during our relationship. I hold her in high esteem and would recommend her to anyone who is stuck in their life and needs to look at their true, unfiltered self. When she coaches you to move to this level you have the vision to see new possibilities. Her approach is light, positive and transforming!

Love and hugs from another authentic human being,

Heather Pitcher

Paula Fracasso, Executive Coach

Thank you! I want to acknowledge, first, the real leader that you are; stepping in to the call on establishing trust and intimacy on Monday. It was such a graceful and powerful demonstration of willing acceptance of duty and calling oneself to be. I was truly inspired by your action and the mood in which it was taken. Second, on both that call and the one today I admire (and aspire to!) your tender and yet robust, artful teaching and feedback style. I have found your website and will be subscribing as well as reviewing the archived content there. I look forward to many future interactions and opportunities to be with you. Please let me know if there is anything I may do for you.

Blessings to you,
Paula Fracasso

Paula Fracasso

Elise Rainey, Image by Elise

I wanted to take the time and thank you for a successful 2008. As I was reflecting on last year and working on my goals for this year, I realized how much you helped me. Thank You!!!

What you brought to my attention in 2007 and what I'm going to work on "Mastering" in 2008!

1.) Get out of my own way
2.) Be fascinated, not fascinating
3.) Arrive early to events and stay later
4.) 2 year financial projections

Thank you for guiding me, supporting me and teaching me. With your help and wisdom, I have become more aware of myself (and my actions), therefore, catapulting me into a more successful business woman. After each session with you, I implement the insights I've had, and grow so much more than I ever imagined.

Thanks to you, I have a well rounded, balanced business schedule, more clients and a 2 year business projection

I encourage more women to invest in themselves and become more empowered by spending time with you.

Thanks, Patricia! Your wisdom is well appreciated.

With warmth, Elise

Elise Rainey

Linda S. Caviness, MBA, RN, Healthcare Professional, Baxter Regional

Baxter Regional Medical Center
624 Hospital Drive
Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653

January 16, 2008

To Whom it May Concern:

I have known and worked with Patricia Hirsh since February 2005. During that time she has been my coach and has become a friend also. During our coaching relationship, she helped me formulate strategies to become a better leader, a better trainer, a better coach and a more caring family member. I also finished graduate school with her cheering me on.

The most important thing I learned from Patricia is to notice; notice my behavior, notice my words, and notice my thoughts. Noticing is the first step in transformation and with Patricia’s help I have achieved transformation in several areas.

Patricia is gently tenacious. She has a unique ability to hone in on what is truly important and help the client work on that issue first. I would not hesitate to recommend her as a coach.


Linda S. Caviness, MBA, RN
Director of Education

Jessica Artz, Small Business Owner

I always thought coaches were a bonus to building a business, and it is when you have everything established is when a coach would be necessary. I found it out the hard way that this is not true.

By spending just 2 days in a group setting with Patricia I found the vast benefits of having someone to direct me in the right direction ( I can't imagine how much more powerful it will be in a one-on-one). As a bonus, get out of my own head and the thoughts that don't in my life. I found Patricia to be compassionate, direct, insightful, and motivating.

Now that I have had this experience I can't see how to go on without a coach. Not just any coach... Patricia! I am so determined to keep her in my environment, she has so much knowledge and her goal was to get the finest results out of me and the whole group.

It was obvious that she not only has done this for a while and has amazing tools to help me grow, but also that her passion is to see myself and the group I was in grow to our fullest potential.

In one word... amazing.

All I can say is thank you Patricia, you have given me a new spark and helped me to see that it doesn't have to be so hard, it can and will be easy. Jessica

Carol Stuart, Small Business Owner


I want you to know how much I appreciated, enjoyed, and learned during the two-day conference last weekend. You were so effective at getting the group of us to think about the concepts we were learning and then applying them to our own business! With five of us "learners" in the group, each with highly divergent businesses, that was quite an accomplishment!

Each night I was exhausted from being so much on task and from being so energized during the intense day. I really appreciate the master scheduling techniques you shared with us and am currently pouring over your financial projection format that is so understandable.

Of course, then there is the fun, energy, and humor that you use to spice up things. Lots of learning and "I'm sticking to it!"

Thanks, Carol

Christina O-D, Healthcare Professional, Kaiser Permanente, Honolulu, Hawaii

Patricia has a way of seeing the meaning behind the words, so you start working on the important pieces of your life quickly. I've never seen a person more compassionate and insightful. Without her help I would still be asking why am stuck here.

Sebron Partridge, Senior Business Consultant, Southern California

Sebron K. Partridge
Newport Beach, CA 92660

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Patricia Hirsch as your Coach.

Patricia has been my Coach since 2002, during which time I have gone through both a major personal relationship and career change. My relationship with Patricia has provided me with true council, a human being who completely understands but is unwilling to participate in my "stories about why things can't work out. This insight and strength has provided me with support and guidance through which I have learned that by "living" in today I am fully able to enjoy what life has to offer.

I strongly recommend her and am sure that you will be more than satisfied with her performance as your Coach.

Sebron K. Partridge
Senior Business Continuity Plan Consultant

Elizabeth, District Attorney's Office

With Patricia's coaching, I have become more positive and have been able to find my inner strength. I have learned to say "So what?!" more often and that I was living my life "inside a box." I have realized that just being scared doesn't mean that I can't do it anyway! I am now able to chase away negativity at its start and have begun to stay away from people who have a negative influence and tend to drag me down. I mind a little less about their opinions. Because of Patricia's coaching, I catch myself before beginning to think negatively.

My reasons why people should choose you as their personal coach... I have experienced these five qualities you have in many of our conversations about life. I wrote them down on an instinct, without any elaboration:

  • Energy
  • Personal touch
  • Undivided attention
  • Enthusiasm
  • Persuasion


Katherine J, President, Medical Billing Industry, New Mexico

A specific example of you coaching me is for me to take time for myself away from my kids and hubby. My "takeaway" from it was to stop complaining!! To create time to do things I love that are not work. The actions I took out of your coaching were to schedule 1x per week to do something fun (coffee... nails... hair...) for myself. As a consequence, I am at peace with myself - I saw the opportunity and actually felt a shift in my well-being, attitude and outlook. I stopped feeling like a "victim." Your coaching has helped me feel like I have some freedom!! You are a great coach because....

You LISTEN. You just get all that I have to say.

You don't look to solve my problems; you create another place to look from and create a new possibility

You say what needs to be said even if it is uncomfortable

You love unconditionally

I can count on you.


Lorna LP, Executive, VP Human Resources, Banking Industry, CA

Patricia Hirsch has been known in the community for many years as a outstanding coach. She is able to help individuals identify their contributions and capabilities to better achieve their individual results. Her pragmatic perspective results in a custom designed approach including both short-term priorities and long term goals.

Patricia's career has ranged from the medical industry to entertainment to technology. This broad experience brings a unique perspective that certainly crosses organizational boundaries.

I was really having problems with prioritization. Patricia helped me see that it was important and has helped me rebuild relationships. My life is changed!

Bob M, Manager, Multimedia and Software Production, Tustin, CA

During my experience with you as a coach, when I was going through issues with my relationship you really helped me to understand our behaviors. Your analogy about the onion was fantastic. You taught me that in a relationship you are not necessarily always dealing with the core of your lover but rather the layers built up by experiences, hurts and fears.Although our relationship as lovers ended amicably, I found a very good tool that I feel will help me in the future.

Val F, Controller, Sony, San Diego, CA

At the best of times you have led by example by becoming a captain, by pursuing your own business, by finding a soul mate, and by always "becoming" instead of just existing. As a coach I would say that your strongest value is your integrity.

Joe S, VP IT, Newspaper Industry, Southern California

In no particular order...

* Patience - an ability to listen and work with a person without the need to jump to the conclusion. The object is for the person to get-it, not for you to give it to them and you do that better than anybody I have ever known.

* Listening - you have a great ability to listen to the person and differentiate between the junk and the real stuff. The ability to understand the point, the meat of the issue... You also listen actively to understand the problem. Combined with patience, this makes a very strong pair of skills.

* Objectiveness - it is easy when a person is in a conversation to get caught up in the issues and emotion. You have a natural skill to separate yourself from the emotion and to mirror back the meat of the issue. This is important when emotion can rule.

* Honesty - you have a tremendous skill to tell a person what they may not want to hear, but to do it in a humane fashion. It is the true nature of a coach to give feedback to improve the person, even if they do not, or fear to hear the truth.

* Love - you genuinely love people, you only want the best for every person you meet.

Kathi G, Marketing Department Manager, Telecom Industry, New Jersey

This is my perspective, and my answer from personal experience:

First and foremost, you LISTEN.

Then, you are able to OBJECTIVELY ASSESS what is going on.

You give STRAIGHTFORWARD RESPONSES AND FEEDBACK, while ENCOURAGING/GUIDING others to think out the right answers themselves. ALWAYS, with CARING ... And, you're SINCERE-not patronizing or superficial.

I love you for all you have done to coach and help me in these past weeks/months. You are great at coaching, but an even better friend. [Top]

Bart Horwitz, Croupier, Reno, Nevada (Barcelona, Morocco, Monte Carlo)

Who is Patricia aka Sunshine Hirsch? She is a commitment to being who she says she is. I have known her for more than 25 years, and in that time she has transformed herself from one positive, achieving self into another more expanded one several times. Each time, she has never failed to reach back and pull those around her to a new level for themselves.

There has never been a person in my life whose "conversation" to herself about herself and her friends has been so totally "can do". Patricia's life is her word or vice versa. And her coachees/friends are always the beneficiaries of the energy with which she does life. She does her best coaching by being there in need as support and not being afraid to ask for coaching to achieve goals herself.

Her coaching directly or indirectly got me started on a career in international gaming and got me to and through a sub-four hour marathon, just to name two results garnered in her presence.

  • Even with an agenda full of names, you make each person get that you are there for him/her as an individual.
  • Even with an agenda full of dates, places, and obligations, you are fully present to the concerns of each person you coach.
  • Your energy level is infectious.
  • The person you are coaching cannot but get that you set the highest standards for yourself, and therefore you can be effective in relating that the person can set equally high standards for himself/herself.


Geoff Rickner, Financial Analyst, Business Owner, Southern California


Melissa, Hair Stylist and Business Owner

Patricia was a great help to me at one of the most important events in my life - the birth of our daughter. My husband and I adopted our daughter through open adoption which meant we would be attending the birth. We had been told that many hospitals rented rooms to adoptive parents and that the baby could also be taken to the well-baby nursery if the birthmother was uncomfortable having her in the room.

Our birthmother was not sure if she wanted to have the baby in the room afterwards and as luck would have it the hospital at which she was delivering did not rent rooms to adoptive parents AND did not have a well-baby nursery.

Should we try and change hospitals and doctors this late in the game? I was a mess. I was excited about the birth, confused and concerned for our birthmother. I didn't know what to do or who to call. Patricia very calmly outlined what I needed to do - she even made the first call for me. We were able to reach someone who gave us a tour of the labor and delivery floor, set up a birth plan for our birthmother and reassured us that we could stay in the NICU with our daughter all night if necessary.

Everything went perfectly and we were all very comfortable with the arrangements. I don't know where I would've started without Patricia's help. She helped me see that it was really very simple once you broke it down into small steps, which is really true about anything.

Erleen, R.N., Retired

In you being my "step daughter" which I never think about as such, you are mostly one of my best friends. A true friend who will tell it like it is. That's one of the things I most love about you and our friendship. I know I can count on you to tell me what you see.

The first thing I learned from you was to stand up for myself. Not be intimidated by anyone ... My family, My boss at work or doctors.

I was quite a wimp. You taught me to speak up and I began to realize I was feeling better about myself and things started working. I was able to accomplish more in my marriage, career, and relationships with all others. I am not willing to allow anyone to put me down. I let them know it is not appropriate behavior and it pays off in many ways but respect is the best payoff.

Susan, M.S. Education, Teacher

Patricia Hirsch is a hard-hitting, direct, kind person. She is willing to listen and is able to get to the crux of a situation or feeling and lead the speaker to view the situation more clearly: The answer is always in the solution, not the story.

Patricia coached me in getting back on my feet after a loss of my job. I came away from her coaching, with the chance to look for something that fit my situation more comfortably and completely. To seek alternatives and to persevere, as a much more perfect career opportunity had a chance to be presented to me.

I sought other alternatives to make money and began to believe that a job more suited to my abilities and skills, would be placed before me. It allowed me not to stress about what would happen in the future, but what was happening in the present.

I have been able to support myself and I have had many opportunities to learn more about my abilities and skills. I have done many diversified opportunities to see what I am good at and have taken on any challenge presented to me. Risk, is good. I have had few, if any, stressful situations and I landed a great job, without giving up any of my newer ways of growing and stretching.

I am now approaching life as a challenge and an to RISK.

You encourage independence of thought. You listen and try to figure out the real reason someone is feeling a certain way. You project caring for the person you are talking to. You help weed out the bull-@$^%.You are persistent.

Catia, Tour Director, "Hawaii Calls" Kauai, Hawaii

Patricia is rich in spirit and life experience.

Tamra B, U.S. Marines, Coordinator and Social Director, Educator, Germany

You are upbeat, positive, and always look for the good in a situation. You always make people feel good about themselves by finding the good in them.

Susan D, Pilates Business Owner, Fitness Trainer

You are honest. You are an energetic motivator. You have a wealth of life experience. You care about

Pat SH, Marketing Director, Telecom Industry, Tennessee

(1) You are a person who has realized that life is not about what has happened to you, but how one responds to what has happened. You are the supporter of the philosophy "Don't sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff."

(2) You are a person who does not give a darn about what people think of you, but that you know yourself and that is good enough for you.

(3) You are a person who knows how to get inside of people and make them think.

(4) You are a person who revels in others' achievements and one who has taken your time in the past, with me and others, to help us realize what we can be.

(5) You are a person who never judges anyone. You only try to get to know that person better so you can share something that might help them. You have done that many times with me when I was just a poophead. You are just positive and always sure that any human being on this earth has something good inside of

Marni F, Manager, Palm Desert, California

Well first of all, which is important is that while you pay attention you actually listen. That is an endearing feature to have. 1. Good listener.

Understanding. I think regardless of the situation or shall I say life experience, you have been through a lot. You have touched on all areas of happiness and bittersweet. I wouldn't want to be coached by anyone who hasn't "played the game."

Compassion. You really, really, give a [@#$$%]. And it shows. You are real, deep down, no fooling!

Honest. Yeah, yeah, the truth sucks, but guess what, it needs to be heard. If I had my way I would rather get bad news or the awful truth from someone like you. You have a way of bringing the bright side into the picture without even knowing it.

Last but not least you are enjoyable and fun. Who wants to be coached by a dud?? I mean really. Coaching someone on life is not only very, very serious but it’s personal. Let's have a laugh or two or a thousand. I'm going to learn to enjoy my life right? Show me how? Show me to live. You are living proof that life is good.

Nancy B, VP Finance, Computer Industry, Southern California

You are compassionate, have integrity and truly care about people. You are a good listener. You are willing to dedicate the time to learn.

Bob C, Business Owner, Financial Industry, Southern California

Thanks for the great coaching. You made me realize that I needed to focus on improving my business relationships if I wanted an even more satisfying life. The collegial interviews that you recommended convinced me that I needed to seek out and be more supportive, and less competitive, with other peoples' ideas and opinions. I tried it at a meeting. An idea that I thought was marginal was proposed. Rather than taking my "normal" approach of articulating an opposing idea, I helped to develop and sell the proposer's idea. The proposer and the people implementing the idea seemed to value and appreciate my contribution, and I liked that. I'll keep working with this approach. Thanks again.

"A problem well stated is half solved."
-John Dewey