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February 2008 : "What's showing up in your life today?"

Is it wonder? Is it peace? Is it "what's missing"? Is it what you "need to do"? Are you driven? Are you comfortable? Are you looking for "what works" or are you looking at "what doesn't work?" How is THAT conversation affecting you?

Are you paying attention to you and your life? Are you being buffeted around by event after event or what's next on your action list? Are you recognizing the challenges and living into them with full gusto? Are you welcoming them with an open realization that this is it? That it can't get much better than this?

Yes. This IS it. This is what you got in life. In this moment, this is as good or as bad as you say it is. Said another way, it is as you create it to be. So, what's showing up for you in your life today? Your mother gave birth to you. The people who raised you, whoever they were, did what they could with you. You didn't come with a manual; even if there was a general manual on how to raise you as a kid, would it really have been complete enough for who YOU were? I doubt it! You got what you got and this is what it is. You are complete. Complete enough to begin to create who you "be" from right now. And from right now. And, guess what? From right now.

What's wonderful is that you are a never-ending- project that can improve and grow and learn and live full-out into "What's possible?" … all starting in this moment. Not tomorrow, not later today, not a month from now. Just… NOW. Are you waiting for that moment to begin your life or do you get that it begins in the declaration that it is beginning right now. Or… right now. Or… right now?

As Goethe said, "Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now!" You probably have seen that quote many times. Stop and read it again from what's possible for YOU.

"WHATEVER you can do or dream you can, begin it." That means that if you like, you can continue to live into…

     Life doesn't work.
     Life is great.
     Life isn't fair.
     What's next?

That's half the fun of being alive! Oh yes, we all have our stories about our woes… and if we didn't, our lives would be BOOOOOORRRRRRRRing! Have you had enough of woes? Then BEGIN a new conversation. YOU get to call it the way it is in your life. Is your life too perfect and you're bored because you have no challenges? Then create some predicaments. Hey, why not? Not my choice but hey, imagine a life with no woes or no stories. A life that was so perfect that you didn't get to experience your own version of what the greatest minds and artists and creators of our human existence have demonstrated or written about and even painted or composed time after time? No Michaelangelo. No George Washington. No Van Gogh. No Ghandi. No Socrates or Plato. No Martin Luther King. No Shakespeare. No Mozart. No Oscar Wilde. You get the idea.

Imagine if none of the 'greatest tragedies' of all time had not occurred… what if THEIR lives were perfectly lived without challenges? Would we have gleaned to imagine what is available in our own lives? Where are you hoping for something better than what you have right now? Aaahhhh… sit back a moment, will you? Take a moment to look back at your life. Would you REALLY have had it any other way given WHO you 'be' in your life? Now I ask that, hoping that you have had a wonderful life full of challenges and life growing opportunities that are sometimes looked as if it "is not supposed to be like this?" I'm also asking thinking that you will have cleaned up where you've made messes and if you have not, I challenge you to do that now.

Let's look again at my initial question. What's showing up in your life today?

I wish for you to live into many challenges… ones in which you begin to look at as wonderful opportunities where anything is possible. You get to choose. No one else. YOU. Beginning right now.

With love and appreciation for who you 'be' in your life, no matter your choices.


~ Patricia Hirsch, MBA, Master Certified Coach