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May 2008

Have you heard the following expression?
"It's not how old you are, it's how you are old?"

It's a wonderful look into how automatic we begin to live our lives as we age. Often times I hear clients of mine share with me, "Oh, I'm too old" for that to which I ask, "Who says so?"

One of the domains from which I coach is linguistics; loosely defined that means "what we speak" and "what we listen." That our lives show up out of what we are speaking into existence. Put another way, how our lives show up, and what actions we take, and, of course, what results we are getting are out of how we are creating or designing our lives out of our speaking.

A story about my history in running comes when at age 39, after years of saying I was going to run a marathon (and finally admitting that maybe I was now too old to think about doing so), I read a little focused article on the back page of a weekly rag newspaper in San Diego. The piece was on a gentleman, I'll call him Mr. Possibility, who had shared with the journalist that when he was 68 years old, the doctors said he would die within 6 months because of his health. He suffered from arthritis throughout his whole body, and his son was going to put him in a rest home. At the time of the article, he had just completed the San Diego Marathon in something like 6 hours and was training for his next. He was 80 years old. That was so inspiring to me that I trained for that same marathon and with some wonderful friends supporting me along the way, ran it at age 40 in less than 4 hours.

It seems as if Mr. Possibility had previously been living from "I'm too old," and had recognized the conversation for what it was - an automatic way-of- being that had been running him for as long as it had - and he chose to turn his life around and design it to live into what was possible, rather than what was not.

Where like Mr. Possibility was before he started running, might you be living from automatic ways-of- being that are not supporting a life you love? Where might you not have stopped to take a careful look at your ways-of-being that have become automatic? Have you forgotten to check in with yourself? When might you have begun the conversation, "I'm too old" and continued to live into it?

Take yourself away to a quiet peaceful place; a park bench or the hilltop near your home, the beach if you live by one or even an area of your backyard that you haven't visited in awhile. Allow yourself to settle in, take a few slow breaths and begin to think about where you are living from automatic ways-of-being. Are they really serving you? Some may support you in living into your vision - hooray! Others may not and you may wish to put some focus on them and slowly and surely shift them to begin to live from what is possible again.

As always, I welcome what you see and what your promises are in designing a life you love.


Patricia Hirsch, MBA, Master Certified Coach and Chief Empowerment Officer with Design Your Life Coaching