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October 2008: "Contrary to popular belief, the sky is not falling"

Yes we've been a little, shall I say, unconscious to our financial situations and paid too little attention to the cleanliness of our home: our earth; however, the sky is not falling.

There is nothing "wrong" with the world. In fact, she's healthy in that she is asking us to take notice. What's wonderful is that we've been receiving 'wakeup calls' to notice where we have been 'automatic' in assuming that our ways-of-being that may have worked for us in the past are no longer working for us now.

Having been an Open-Heart ICU nurse in the past, I liken the wakeup calls to someone who has been smoking, drinking, not exercising and eating too much meat and potatoes which has led to often having a myocardial infarction (MI); a heart attack. The MI is similar to a wakeup call that says, "Hey! It's time to shift out of the way you've been being and towards being responsible in caring for self." That may be what is happening now in two major areas of life on earth.

Wakeup call one: the world is looking at how our once sound financial practices used to work and are no longer working. We might ask our elected officials to take a breath and think through what is a vision that we may commit to working towards for a breakthrough that will lead us from where we've been towards what's possible such that we shift into a new way-to-be.

This is also an opportunity for each of us to look at the same in our own financial practices. Where might we be spending where it really doesn't serve us? What practices have we automatically fallen into that don't support our visions for ourselves in the future? Do we really need what we automatically think we need only because it's 'the way it's always been' for us? Automatic thinking that may not support us in our visions for 'making a difference' in the world. Or for designing a life such that you leave a legacy of care and compassion and love for fellow human beings that may be experiencing their own automatic ways-of-being that don't support them in living the life of their dreams.

Wakeup call two: I mentioned the health of our earth. We may all take a step back in what we assume is okay; for instance, running the water while we brush our teeth. Or leaving our computers on because it's easier to boot up the next day or when we may want to use it in the moment or racing down the highway to 'show off your stuff' or get to an appointment you hadn't planned well for. Where are you automatically operating that in noticing and then shifting out of, contributing to an earth beyond our foreseeable future? To a healthy earth for our ancestors and theirs, too?

No, the sky is not falling, and we are receiving valuable wakeup calls to notice how we are operating automatically in ways that may not serve us or our future. My request of you is to begin to notice from curiosity the automatic ways-of-being where you have not thought to notice before.

As always, I would love to hear what you are observing.

Happy Autumn!


Patricia Hirsch, MBA, Master Certified Coach and Chief Empowerment Officer with Design Your Life Coaching