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December 2008: "Completion"


What a lovely thought. Completing.

Here's the definition of completeness from Merriam-Webster online dictionary:


Think about it. What if all conversations that were hanging out there in the world were completed? I mean, if [we] were able to follow up with and complete agreements, promises, requests and to just "be" complete with someone or something, wouldn't it be wonderful? Imagine a world full of completions.

That does not mean that we would each be able to give or to get anything we wanted to the exact specification of our wants. However, it does mean if we were each not able to adhere to an agreement, promise or request, we would actually complete that 'conversation.'

Take hypothetically, that I promise to research and take action on an agreement I have with my husband, and it is something that he is really counting on and something that he will have assumed I handled and won't even check up on me. Then, I am unable or unwilling to fulfill my promise because I forgot, I am not really interested in the task, I have an opinion that it's really not needed, it's a task I don't know where to start or I just flat out am unable to take on or… whatever else may be the cause of me not fulfilling my promise. Remember, he's not going to notice and will just assume that I will fulfill my promise, so there may not be a need for him ever have to a conversation with me again about it.

How would completing that conversation show up here?

I venture to say that I wouldn't know how it would show up if I didn't take the steps to do so. Also and most importantly, "I" wouldn't be fully self-expressed if I didn't complete that conversation. Let's look at that one.

Do you think that with the incompletion I had with him that I could be with him fully and honestly and within integrity? Can you see how the incompletion with him might get in the way of our relationship? How would an incompletion affect our relationship in the future? How might it affect my relationship with me? Would I even like myself? Would I begin to avoid conversations afraid that he might eventually bring it up? Would I be embarrassed or ashamed or even begin to avoid him by placing my unwillingness to complete an outstanding promise before my relationship with him? Food for thought, isn't it?

Let's say I do begin a conversation for completion. What might show up then? He might be okay with it. He might be really upset about it, or he's changed his mind and actually agrees with my non-actions that it's not necessary.

It isn't always easy to complete those outstanding conversations of incompletion however imagine if you took that on for yourself in your life. How might your relationships show up then? Would people respect you? Would they begin to notice that you were taking action to live within integrity, living into being whole and complete?

What if we lived in a world of completions? What would our lives look like then? To be whole and complete. To live within integrity.

As we near the holiday season and the end of 2008, when you will be with your loved ones, I invite you to take on completing conversations and relationships and complete any incompletions that you might have.

I wish you a very happy and thoroughly complete holiday season!

With love and appreciation for who you are being in life.


Patricia Hirsch, MBA, Master Certified Coach and Chief Empowerment Officer with Design Your Life Coaching