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1. The Master Trend

Have you met many good networkers lately? Me neither.

These scanned images are from a magazine no longer in publication, "American Demographics," and in particular from an article called, "The Master Trend" by Cheryl Russell who is an author of the book of the same name "The Master Trend - How the Baby Boom Generation is Remaking America." The article was published in October 1993 and the intro says,

"More than any generation before them, baby boomers put their personal needs ahead of group loyalty. When deciding whether to acquire memberships, spouses or products, they act like free-agent athletes. This profound shift in the American psyche rewards businesses that offer customization, immediacy, and value. It also cause many social problems, but don't blame the boomers: individualism is all-American and its here to stay."

The article brings to mind discourses and memes and areas of interest for coaches.

Click on each of the thumbnails to open and read.  They are in order.

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