What is working in life?

Given the extensive news presented in everyday life, cialis usa what tends to show up for me is what is “not working” in life. In a riddled world with conversations about terrorists and what’s wrong, and who did what to whom, and what doesn’t work, and how horrible the economy is, what I’m not noticing is what is working.

For instance, moving into my 40 year home 10 years ago, I wondered about the beauty of the location in which it is situated. As time has gone by, I now notice the age of the home especially the kitchen. I’ve caught myself thinking how dreary and how worn and how outdated it is even with the patches of newer materials. Where I have forgotten to look from is that the view out of my kitchen window is of beautiful green grass with a row of rose bushes that have constantly born fragrant and lively blooms for me with such little attention needed. What I have forgotten is the feel of the cool breezes blowing up the nearby valley and which maybe 95% of the warmer months are able to make me glad that I don’t have to live in an air conditioned environment. What I’ve forgotten are the birds who twitter and joyfully sing and are in constant motion talking to each other, working with each other, and hen pecking each other. What I’ve forgotten are the ruby-throated and the emerald backed hummingbirds who constantly keep me entertained while they innocently display their curiosity and love for life.

It’s easy to look from “what’s wrong” when we are inside of the rampant conversations; pretty much like a fish to water, not noticing the water he is swimming in.  However, if there is ever any hope that it will be anything other than the way it is, we may wish to take time to pause, take a breath, and look around at what does work in our world.  After all, it’s said, “hope is not a plan.”

So I’ve begun to walk into my kitchen and begin to look around me for what does work. E.g., there is a refrigerator to keep my food cooled, there is a sink to keep my dishes clean, there is a window for me to gaze out on nature, and there is a kitchen in my home in which I can choose to create what comes out of it.

Life is good.

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