Approaching challenges is like dancing on Jello

Interesting concept, viagra usa isn’t it? Like dancing on Jello.

Life really is full of challenges that we can approach with an “Oh no! Not again!” mentality or one we can approach is as if each challenge is a dance and pulling all of them in your life together is a little like dancing on Jello. I like this term because it signifies that challenges could be considered one of the joys in life; you know, cialis like fun!  Never knowing which way I’m going to put my foot down has me actually think through what is important so that I’m certain I choose a sure footing.

For example in me coaching someone; that person’s experience of life is not my experience of life therefore I have no pat questions, instead we dance in the conversation so that my coachee can explore what is getting in the way of dreams and aspirations and visions for what’s possible in life; and therefore choosing the challenges that initially looked too big but actually are approachable by learning to dance on Jello.

Oh yes, I do plan for the challenges that I’ve taken on such as hosting a weekly radio show which is a still very new for me. Even choosing the subjects or the guests to come on to the show is a dance. What is important to my listeners? What conversations will open doors for them in their lives that they have not previously noticed are closed?

Choosing guests to come on the show is a dance because I’m not interested in having just anybody come and share coaching.  I am committed to having guests that share based in being solid examples of what is moving the “emerging” profession of coaching forward. They are the movers and the shakers; I am really only interested in those guest who see what’s possible in the challenges and dance into that possibility with aliveness and vision and assurance all based in their commitment to their coachees and clients around the world.

Why would my listeners want a mundane or ordinary-hashed-out subject or someone who “struggles” or has conversations for “scarcity” as examples for how life can be? What insights would that be for the radio listeners who are exploring their lives; who are investigating coaching and who coaches are and why they are looking to hire a coach?

It’s those guests or subject matter of the show, where examples of ordinary people step out, take chances in life, who are making a difference based in possibility, for the rest of us to realize that yes, we can dance too.

Besides, choosing to approach my challenges as if I am dancing on Jello is really fun!


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